Thursday, January 28, 2010

The new 2in1 boutique bow ( & how it saves money.)

The other day I found a dance studio that starts teaching at age 3.I was soo excited!I had to rush home and make a tutu..well, okay I admit that I cheated and picked one out of my inventory but re-created it a bit. (I will do a separate post on tutus later.)
Any-way, I added a zebra half-loop bow and hot pink daisy. . .

~Le Bow~
I had to make a matching bow so I used the same zebra print ribbon to make the full loop bow and then struggled with the decision of what to put in the middle because I knew the zebra bow could be versatile but not if I added pink tulle.I mean, yeah of course pink tulle is adorable but it doesn't match other color tutus and is certainly not practical to wear with a T and jeans. I know she's going to need a few different tutus and I don't wanna deal with making different special bows that she's only going to wear to ballet....

~El Solution~
After I finished making the top piece, I thought about just adding a clip and letting her wear a tutu pom pom without the zebra part and then it clicked- Why not just use the zebra bow as a base, and the pom pom as a topper so I can change pom colors or just let her wear alone? That way she can have different colors and looks to match, but I won't waste allot of ribbon!

~Les result~
So, what I ended up with is one "base" zebra bow (a double loop, bottom layer.)
& one tulle bow (pom-pom, top layer.)

~The bottom line? ~
*I made a very versatile bow that has a interchangeable center so it can match anything that goes with zebra print!
*I also cut cost by more then half!
* The toppers can be worn with or without the base, so that's two bows in one.

~Where to get one?~
Goobie's Place, of course!(lol)
The base bows are $6 each and there will be alot of colors available.
I can always order anything you find on the internet, but be aware that it takes longer and will prob cost more then $6.The best thing to do is ask me first, I may be able to find better prices, or may have it already!
The tutu toppers come in two different styles and are $3 each!
If you've shopped around for boutique bows, you already know that $9 for a lg bow is a good price! This bow can change to match several different tutus and outfits.
Other toppers will be available soon and will be around $3 also.

(Pics are listed in my slide show, on twitter, and on my etsy store.)

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