Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NEW! giveaway listings from other blogs...

The new Mr.Linky can be found at the bottom of the page (Just scroll dooown)
You will be able to find cool giveaways and hopefully win something !!! (Eventually it's bound to happen, lol.)
You can follow me on twitter to see my giveaway tweets.(click on the bird to the right.)

If you want to submit a current blog giveaway. . .
You can list your current giveaway for free and hopefully recieve some traffic to your site.
It's instant & free.

I delete all entries at the begining and end of every month so it's best if your giveaway's start and finish date are between the first and last day of the month.
(I will try not to delete anything that has not ended.)

If you've used Mr.linky before then you won't need to read this.what are you waiting on?Stop reading!I mean it! Scroll down and get to adding your link! :)

If you've never used Mr.linky then read on...

#1.click where it tells you to.
#2.Add your giveaway title in the "name" spot. (Trust me.)
#3.Add your DIRECT blog url in the url spot.

CONGRATULATIONS! your finished..

If you want me to tweet about your giveaway then please email me the name of your giveaway and direct link.

If you don't understand something related to this then please email me at goobiesplace@yahoo.com


A little info about my personal giveaways. . .
~I will post the winner and the 3 runners up.(Although most giveaways only have 1 prize and runners up do not win anything unless otherwise stated.)
~Leave your email or other contact info in case you win.
~My giveaways are open to US residents only.(Nothing personal, just don't ship to other places.)
~I use www.Random.com's number generator to pick a winner.

Thanks to Bev @ 44'th Street Fabric, (Thanks so much!)my personal giveaways are now going to be in the form of a very fun game called WHERE'S my HUSBAND?!?
How it works: I will put a picture of my huband somewhere in a related listing in my store.To enter in the drawing you will have to comment with it's location.

As usual, extra entries are awarded for links in social networking sites or blogs.
(If you do go for extra entries please use a seperate comment for every link.)
There is no limit on the amount of comments used as long as each one has a link to a social network or place that you linked back to my blog.Please do not do multiple comments for the same link.

HAVE FUN and GOOD LUCK! Contact me with questions about contests, blogging, being featured in my blog, or links.


  1. embarassing...i tried to link up and since i didn't like my description, i got a little trigger happy and posted 3 times...can you delete the first 2 for me? thanks and sorry!

  2. lol yes, consider it gone. . . and that's nothing to be embarassed about, I do things like that all the time.Thanks for posting.