Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Fellow ETSY seller's fabric giveaway

I just found a cool giveaway posted on a blog.
It's for 4 yds of fabric (VERY CUTE FABRIC.)

Anyway, here's the link-

UPDATE- I WON!!!!!!!!! I'm still in shock because I NEVER win anything, but I WON!
I was in gymobree yesterday and found that they have a summer line out right now that features a flower design very simular to the one shown in the above link.

I can't wait to recieve it in the mail! I will be updating everyone and blogging with pix of what I make out of it.I'm thinking a jumper & bloomer set, or maybe a skirt..or a hat? OR ALL!
I even thought about being super-nice and passing along the savings by making a low-priced dress for one lucky customer ...What do you guys think I should make?

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