Monday, February 8, 2010

Dora The Explorer Pillowcase Dress

So, I haven't had my online store for very long and there's tons of things that I want to add.I guess it will all come together eventually!

My first online order came from a childhood friend that I haven't seen in forever.I would like to say THANK YOU! to her for having confidence in me and being my first online customer.
Lets face it, you order something from the internet and you have little or no idea what it will look like or when it will arrive at your house.(When making a first time order.)I order things off the internet quiet often and I've had good & bad experiences.
The worst had to be when I paid way too much for a tiny tin teaset and it arrived in a huge HUNGRY MAN BOX with clear tape holding it all together and NO sign of bubble wrap to be found.(It was rattling around inside that big box like crazy.) WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!!
OK, yes I got off the subject a little, but that was BAD! I was soo mad, but the bottom line is that I could do nothing about it.Nothing at all.So I understand that you don't want your boutique item to arrive in a huge hungry man box and I vow not to do that to anyone.Ever!

SO, on to the dress details and pic...

I made this pink & yellow dress especially for a little girl that likes dora!
It was suppose to have a matching raggi bow, but this fabric wouldn't hold up very well for that... so I made a yellow and pink bow out of satin ribbon to go with it.

This dress was for a 2 yr old. (Happy birthday big girl! Mom, don't cry too much.)And I was told that she loved it! (THANKS SARAH!)

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  1. You are so welcome girl! You have inspired me to try and make dresses for Bella!! And I am trying hard not to cry, tomorrow is another story! :)