Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If I sent you something from my toddler BOUTIQUE, for FREE what would it be? (VOTE 4 the next GIVEAWAY on 3/10)

I am having another giveaway on March 10'th. (2010)

It's going to be in the form of a new game called WHERE'S MY HUSBAND?!? (click link to read all about the new game and general rules/ways to enter.
(I put a pic of him in my etsy store listings and you comment with where you found him.)

AnY wAy, I would like for you guys to pick the giveaway item!
Just go to my Etsy store (Goobie'sPlace)and choose what you want to win and leave a comment after this post.
Every item is eligible.

One thing that I thought about doing is a boutique bow bundle. Maybe 4 bows?
The boutique bow bundle is not listed in my store but if you wanna vote for that then just type it in your comment.

Voting for this giveaway item DOES COUNT FOR 1 COMMENT when the giveaway begins.
(Don't forget to add a comment saying "I voted for this item." when you enter in the giveaway.)


  1. LOVE that reversable fabric bag!

  2. Gosh, hard to pick one item! Everything is so cute! But I do LOVE the bows! **Too Cute Mini Hairbows in Hot Pink with star Rhinestones and Zebra lined clips** adorable!

  3. Another chance to win that bag might be a hit and that set of bows is one of my favs!

  4. Pink n Brown, Brown n Pink POLKA DOTS Pillowcase Dress pleaaaaaase. :)

  5. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE that cute reversible fabric bag! It is so darn cute!