Monday, March 1, 2010

New giveaway game... coming 3/10

I really enjoyed my first giveaway and Will be hosting another one soon.
Last time I chose what to giveaway, this time I want you guys to! Just visit my store and pick your favorite item.Whatever gets the most votes will be in the giveaway on 3/10. (I am going to add a bunch of things to my store soon.

The new giveaway comes in the form of a game called WHERE'S MY HUSBAND?!?
I will post a picture of him in 1 of my etsy store listings and you can leave a comment telling me where he is.
That's all you have to do in order to be in the drawing.

1.Go to my Esty store, look through the listings and find a picture of my husband.Come back here and leave a comment telling me where he is.

If you want to go for extra entries, use social networking sites to post, link or blog about my giveaway.(or any other form of spreading the word around.)There's no limit to the amount of comments you leave as long as they're all separate sites and links.
Here's a partial list of ways to get extra entries:

2.Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook.

3.Post a link on twitter.

4.Follow me on twitter.

5.Post a link on myspace.

6.Blog about this giveaway. (Worth 3 entries.)

7.Follow my blog.(if You already are then comment "senior follower" hehe..

8.Post a link on any blog you follow or visit. (each blog you link me to is worth 1 entry.)

9.Post my giveaway on Mr.Linky, or other giveaway list you find. (Use my giveaway's title when typing the link. 1 entry each link)

10.Any purchase made from my store (link ^ above) counts as 5 entries.

11.Be creative but be respectful of other people's blog areas.I wouldn't go invading other peoples space if they don't want to participate. . .

There was a little confusion with the last giveaway so I want to be clear this next time...Here are the "rules"

1.Leave comment telling me where my hubby is.Mandatory entry.Do this and your in.

2.Go for extra entries.Optional.Make sure you leave a direct link to your post,blog,link or comment.

3.If you go for extra entries be sure to leave a separate comment for every time you post a link to my blog.(If you post 5 links and only leave one comment telling me about all 5 links then only counts your 1 comment when you should of had 5.)

4. Please number your comment..(It was really hard to count all those.) example is- if your the first to comment then leave a #1 at the end of your comment.Then second person should leave a #2 after their comment, and so on.

Hope this isn't confusing.If it is then email


  1. How about this beautiful tutu?

  2. Thanks for leaving comments on my giveaway! I love your blog. I'm now following you too! :-)

  3. Aw, thanks I love your blog too! And you have some really cute things in your store.Do you have a grab button? (I get so lost because I view so many blogs!)

  4. what a cute idea to do
    i found him:

  5. Found him..

    What a great idea!!!