Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NEW item in my store. Heirloom dress with sleeves

So, I made a new pattern.
Well, actually my grandma made it and I copied her.(With her permission, of course.
It's a simple dress, long with sleeves.
I found this one to be very simple and would be great for pictures.It would also be pretty if worn in the summer sun, in a woodland Forrest (aka the woods) or on the beach but we can't stay on vacations forever so I am also working on other versions.

I am working on one that will have more lace and possibly ruffles.There's no telling what it will end up with until I am through with it.It's a suprise!(As most of my "creations" are.)

You can find the link to the First heirloom dress here (I just noticed that in the pictures the left sleeve looks weird...It's not, I promise.I also promise to start ironing things before taking pix!

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